HoloSuit - Casual Reality (AR/MR/VR/RR) Full Body Motion Controller!


Let your body control the real and virtual worlds!
What is HoloSuit?

A Game suit which tracks and trains you in the real as well as virtual world . It is a smart track suit which has sensors embedded in them to track your every move at lightning speed. You can use the track suit either independently or while wearing an augmented reality, virtual reality or mixed reality display or viewing the avatar on an external display. The motion of the user in the real world is tracked, stored and virtualized.

  • HoloSuit Saber

    HoloSuit Saber is a MR/VR/AR game which allows you to hold a real saber in your hand and put on the VR headset(Hololens, Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift) and fight other Knights. The Knights appear in the virtual world and the game can track the real sword movement and use it to provide a breathtaking experience actually being in the fight. If you are wearing a mixed reality device like HoloLens, you can even move around. You enemy can come from behind and you can use your arms and legs to fight them without even looking back to first get them in your field of view! This is the holy grail of VR gaming.

  • Holosuit Golf

    HoloSuit Golf works both in the real world and the virtual world. You can relax and play 18 hole golf at your home using the VR headset. You can also go out to the real world and play golf while wearing the HoloSuit. The HoloSuit stores all your body motion during the golf game. When you come back home, you can review all your golf in the VR world and see where you can improve. Future version will include golf trainers to help you improve your real world golfing by analyzing your body motion.

  • HoloSuit BLE SDK - one controller for ALL your VR/AR/MR and RR needs!

    Convert any VR/AR/MR experience into a fully interactive experience. Create a baseball training app which trains athlete motion in real world and give feedback on Samsung Gear VR. Write you own Surgery Training App in HoloLens without worrying about field of view. Convert google DayDream Haunted House so that you can fight the zombies using your full body anywhere in the house! What you write for one device will port over to all VR/AR/MR devices since HoloSuit is head mount agnostic! No more throw away code customized for device specific controllers!

  • HoloSuit Health Platform

    HoloSuit is the perfect hardware platform for adding body analytics hardware. Since the whole body is covered, you can place your sensors anywhere and turn that into an IoT health analytics device!

HoloSuit News

Kickstarter Preview Launched!