HoloSuit Kickstarter – Provide Feedback on Kickstarter for a chance to win free HoloSuit!

Leave Feedback on Kickstarter for a chance to win free HoloSuit

Do you feel like Virtual Reality could be so much better if you could just use your natural body motion to manipulate objects in the virtual world? Feel frustrated with the limited field of view and having to constantly move your hands into field of view just to select the objects? Getting Girafe neck by having to move your neck around just to select virtual objects. Feeling weird that your mind is in the virtual world, but the body has been left behind and actually starts getting in the way of the awesome experience?

Your dreams of actively experiencing and controlling the virtual world have just come true.

Introducing┬áHoloSuit – A VR Game suit which tracks and trains you in the real as well as virtual world . It is a smart track suit which has ┬ásensors embedded in them to track your every move at lightning speed. You can use the track suit either independently or while wearing an augmented reality, virtual reality or mixed reality display or viewing the avatar on an external display. The motion of the user in the real world is tracked, stored and virtualized.

Two games will ship out of the box to showcase the awesome experience – HoloSuit Saber and HoloSuit Golf.

HoloSuit Saber is a VR game which allows you to hold a real saber in your hand and put on the VR headset(Hololens, Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift) and fight other Knights. The Knights appear in the virtual world and the game can track the real sword movement and use it to provide a breathtaking experience actually being in the fight. If you are wearing a mixed reality device like HoloLens, you can even move around. You enemy can come from behind and you can use your arms and legs to fight them without even looking back to first get them in your field of view! This is the holy grail of VR gaming.

HoloSuit Golf works both in the real world and the virtual world. You can  relax and play 18 hole golf at your home using the VR headset. You can also go out to the real world and play golf while wearing the HoloSuit. The HoloSuit stores all your body motion during the golf game. When you come back home, you can review all your golf in the VR world and see where you can improve. Future version will include golf trainers to help you improve your real world golfing by analyzing your body motion.

Risks and challenges

1. Tracking technology just doesn’t work!
Mitigation: A full prototype was developed to demonstrate the working of the technology as shown in the demo videos. You can clearly see that the 3D avatar follows the motion of the person wearing the HoloSuit.
2. The technology cannot be miniaturized and fit comfortably into the track suit design.
Mitigation: A lot of work has been done to ensure that all aspects of the technology works in the miniaturized form. The schematics and board layouts have been verified and they have been sent to flexible printing also to validate end to end working.
3. The track suit is not designed properly
Mitigation: A worldclass fashion designer with significant sportswear experience from Columbia Sports has designed the fabric to blend the technology and fashion. A lot of experimentation has been done with conducting threads, conducting hooks, conducting velcros – you name it, we have experimented with it! Many iterations of product development and design has happened to find the best design for the track suit. The flexible circuits and conducting thread placement has been exhaustively thought out

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  • Hi – this seems really useful for remote worker applications, as well as autonomous vehicles.

    Is there any chance you could meet with me in my R&D Lab in San Jose to discuss further?

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