HoloSuit Kickstarter is in the news!

https://hololens.reality.news/news/full-body-motion-controller-holosuit-coming-soon-kickstarter-0176213/ “This full-body motion controller is designed as a tracksuit with sensors that can be used to control devices such as a computer or Microsoft HoloLens,Kaaya Tech is doing a good job of being very transparent about their process with a list of problems and their approach to solving those problems. They also have pictures[…]

HoloSuit Kickstarter – Provide Feedback on Kickstarter for a chance to win free HoloSuit!

Leave Feedback on Kickstarter for a chance to win free HoloSuit Do you feel like Virtual Reality could be so much better if you could just use your natural body motion to manipulate objects in the virtual world? Feel frustrated with the limited field of view and having to constantly move your hands into field[…]

Holosuit is featured on nextreality news blog!

“Kaaya Tech is hoping to apply this technology to a broad range of emergent technologies and real-world applications including training, education, and, of course, mixed and augmented reality. In the PowerPoint presentation, they also have a list of proposed software applications. A golf trainer and the HoloSuit Jedi game really stood out as potentially fun[…]

HoloSuit – Heralding the era of Casual Reality

There are many mixed reality, virtual reality, augmented reality devices – like Microsoft HoloLens, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Dream Day. They are all great for consuming content, but are terrible at manipulating the virtual environment. Introducing HoloSuit – the world’s first casual reality full body tracking suit which can be used[…]